Pentagon Responds to “Satan” Missile Test

Pentagon Responds to

( – Western nations dubbed Russia’s Soviet-era Voyevoda missile “Satan” years ago, warning of its potential destruction. Now, Russia debuted a new weapon, called the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, which carries a nuclear payload. While it seems terrifying to some, the Pentagon does not see it as a “threat.”

On Wednesday, April 20, Russia completed its first launch of the new nuclear missile, sending the RS-28 Sarmat, now nicknamed “Satan 2” by NATO, just over 3,700 miles before hitting its target. Soon after, Russian President Vladimir Putin bragged about the weapon, saying it could evade “all modern means of anti-missile defense.” However, the Pentagon doesn’t seem worried.

The same day, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby held a press briefing where he emphasized the US government knew about the test ahead of time and it was “routine.” Geo World News shared a video of the launch:

Despite the US government deeming the missile not a “threat” to the US or its allies at this time, it’s still a clear step forward in aggression for Russia. Putin clearly used this missile test as a show of strength as countries around the world continue to condemn his unprovoked war in Ukraine.

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