Pentagon to Allow Transgenders in US Armed Forces

Pentagon to Now Allow Transgenders in U.S. Armed Forces

( – Every American has the right to live their life true to who they believe they are. But, some workplaces do not lend themselves to being an easy or appropriate spot for people to work through their lifestyle choices. The military is one such place, and it is currently in the spotlight as people who identify as transgender will now be allowed to serve openly in our Armed Forces.

Pentagon Removes Trump’s Ban on Openly Transgender Service Members

On Wednesday, March 31, the Pentagon released new guidelines for service members undergoing or who have gone through gender transition. The new rules allow transgender people to join the military as the gender they identify with, rather than their biological sex. This was an expected change after President Joe Biden’s January Executive Order that undid Trump-era policies limiting transgender service in the US Armed Forces.

The different military branches have 30 days to update their policies to reflect the new rules. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also asked services to ensure any transgender person who was recently discharged or denied enlistment would be given a chance to reenlist if so desired.

Military Medical Care Will Also Expand

With the addition of openly transgender service members, the military healthcare system must also take on their new treatments. Under the new policy, hormone treatments and transition surgeries will be covered by the military healthcare coverage. Stephanie Miller, the director of military accession policy, said this will only add up to “a handful of million dollars per year.”

Can Our Military Adapt to the Changes?

Introducing a complex situation, such as openly transgender troops, will certainly bring its own set of challenges to the military in the coming months. Anyone who has served understands that life and death situations can come at any moment, and the bond of brothers and sisters in arms is a sacred one. Fostering this willingness to die for one’s fellow troops is not easy, but it is something our military members will do in order to keep our nation and freedoms safe.

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