Photo Accidentally Revealed Location of Putin’s Wagner HQ

Photo Accidentally Revealed Location of Putin's Wagner HQ

This Propaganda PHOTO Gave Putin’s Hidden Headquarters Away.

( – Propaganda is often used by regimes to push their own narrative on what is happening to their citizens. Russian President Vladimir Putin is using this tactic heavily in his own nation when talking about his ongoing war in Ukraine. However, one pro-Russian journalist accidentally gave away the location of some of Putin’s top mercenaries when sharing a propaganda photo online. After that mistake, the headquarters did not last long.

On Sunday, August 14, Ukrainian forces used a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) to destroy The Wagner Group’s headquarters in eastern Ukraine. The defending nation learned of the group’s location after journalist Sergei Sreda posted a photo to Telegram of himself arm in arm with Putin’s private thugs. However, the image had a sign with a street address on it, giving Ukraine the intelligence it needed to carry out a strike.

There is no firm report on how much damage was done or how many casualties resulted from the strike, but Ukraine’s Defense Ministry did note that many Wagner-associated Telegram channels were sharing photos of the destruction.

The Wagner Group is allegedly run by Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin and is known for doing Putin’s dirty work. The group of violent killers is known for its horrific and barbaric tactics used all over the world where Putin wants to influence but doesn’t want to send his army. After this strike, though, it may take some time before the group regains its strength in Ukraine.

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