Poll Results: 65% of Voters Think Mail-in Ballots Will Lead to More Cheating

Poll Results: 65% of Voters Think Mail-in Ballots Will Lead to More Cheating

(ConservativeInsider.org) – There’s little doubt that the 2020 presidential election brought many issues to light surrounding voting integrity and methods voters used to cast their ballot. Now, almost a year after that stressful and confusing November, a new poll shows the majority of Americans think mail-in ballots will bring more cheating in the future.

On Monday, October 11, Rasmussen Reports published results from a 1000 likely US voters survey conducted October 7-10. Although the survey has a sampling error of 3%, researchers have a 95% confidence level in the results. The most startling number is that 65% of voters believe increased mail-in ballot usage will “very likely” lead to more cheating in the coming years. This could take the form of ballot harvesting, fake ballots, or voters filling out ballots for people without their consent.

This result echoes a similar statistic shared in the study, that 56% of Americans believe cheating affected Biden’s victory in 2020, up from 51% back in April. Rasmussen Reports shared a graph comparing October’s results with ones from April:

While mainstream media claims the allegations of election fraud and cheating are baseless, this survey shows most Americans feel otherwise. In light of this, will states continue to pursue election investigations and reforms, specifically involving mail-in ballots and voter identification? They likely will if their constituents continue to pressure their representatives to stand up for election integrity and limit mail-in ballot opportunities in future elections across the nation.

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