Pope Francis Expresses Hope for a Return Back to Normalcy

Pope Francis Expresses Hope for a Return Back to Normalcy

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The COVID-19 pandemic has entered its third year and the world is exhausted. Lockdowns, mandates, and disruptions to peoples’ lives seem like they might never end. However, Pope Francis thinks it may all be over soon.

On Friday, February 11, Pope Francis discussed the pandemic in a letter announcing the upcoming Jubilee Year 2025. He acknowledged the virus has changed everyone’s way of life, saying Christians were hit hard when their churches, factories, offices, schools, and other places they value closed down. Francis went on to say the scientific community has made great strides and believes the world will overcome the epidemic.

The Pope said he believes the best way to move forward is by coming together in solidarity so everyone can have access to the resources they need to overcome the pandemic. He recommended fanning “the flame of hope” to help everyone “gain new strength and certainty.”

Pope Francis’ words came the same week NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci said he thinks the US is moving out of the “full-blown pandemic phase.” He said people will soon start “making their own decisions” about how they want to handle the virus. Of course, that depends on whether the liberal politicians Fauci has been enabling over the last two years let go of some of the power they seized. The question is: will Leftists be willing to do that?

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