Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Finally Realizes He Can’t Appease Antifa

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Finally Realizes He Can't Appease Antifa

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler saw his city thrashed by riots and violence last year, perpetrated by radical left groups like Antifa. But, the Democrat leader finally changed his stance about trying to negotiate and talk with such groups.

On January 1, 2021, Wheeler held a press conference just hours after a downtown riot that occurred on New Year’s Eve. He spoke of how Antifa and anarchists “rampaged” the city, noting that his “good faith efforts at de-escalation” were scorned by the groups. Wheeler added he will “use additional tools” in order to bring order back to the city.

The Washington Examiner shared more of Wheeler’s remarks:

Democrats tend to use talking and negotiations as a way to bring about change, even with radical groups such as Antifa. But, Portland’s mayor has learned that reasoning usually does not work with such groups, and, in fact, one should not negotiate with terrorists. Hopefully, he can take a page from President Donald Trump’s playbook and meet them with a stronger force than they bring.

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