Potentially Toxic Facemasks Produced in Wuhan, China, and Distributed Worldwide

Potentially Toxic Facemasks Produced in Wuhan, China and Distributed Worldwide

(ConservativeInsider.org) – As coronavirus spread globally, nearly every medical supplies provider churned out facemasks to meet the rising demand. However, in recent months, one Chinese company seemingly bypassed major regulations associated with the safe and effective manufacture of masks and distributed them worldwide.

On Friday, March 26, Quebec’s provincial government alerted schools and daycares that masks distributed to them may be toxic. The health department warned users of “early pulmonary toxicity” from the face coverings. One initial study showed tiny graphene particles in the masks, which can cause lung damage when inhaled. At this time, it looks like the defective face masks were limited to Canada. However, other countries will likely be checking their suppliers for any connection to the company where the mask materials originated.

Canada’s consumer watchdog, the CBC Marketplace, shared the specific specs on the recalled masks:

While the company that supplies the masks in question, Métallifer, is based in Canada, they likely imported the medical supplies through a chain of Chinese companies, including the Sheng Quan and V&Q manufacturing, according to the National File. However, this supply chain isn’t surprising because Métallifer advertises itself as pairing “Canadian know-how and Chinese competitiveness.”

China has a long history of exporting items deemed unsafe upon inspection by authorities in other nations. This is yet another example of how purchasing from reputable companies, especially on our shores, is both safer and better for the American people.

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