Power TURNED OFF – Energy Companies Do The Unthinkable!

Energy Companies Are Turning Off Power for Cash-Strapped Homeowners

Energy Companies Are Turning Off Power for Cash-Strapped Homeowners

(ConservativeInsider.org) – As winter inches nearer and temperatures drop, people around the globe are getting nervous about paying their energy bills. While most households pay for their heating bill after their supplier knows how much they use, some companies are growing concerned their customers will fall behind this season. So, they are switching them to more expensive prepayment plans, sometimes without even telling them.

According to the BBC, Great Britain’s energy regulator, The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem), believes companies in the UK are moving their customers who have smart meters to prepayment programs without notice. An Ofgem spokesperson told The Guardian how such business practices are “completely unacceptable.”

One Brit confirmed to BBC that her meter was switched without her knowledge, leaving her without electricity for a bit. According to Citizens Advice, there has been a 158% increase in incidents where people in financial distress have been moved onto prepaid status. The group predicts around 180,000 people in Great Britain will be switched via their smart meter, just a portion of the 450,000 it thinks will be put on the prepayment plans across the country.

Such moves can only occur in homes with smart meters installed, where the energy company can control the device remotely. While this scheme is just getting started in England, it could easily become an issue in America if companies move towards smart meters and questionable business practices.

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