Pro-Trump Author Banned From New York Times Bestsellers List

Pro-Trump Author Banned From New York Times Bestsellers List

( – Ever since it began, making the New York Times’ bestseller list has been a dream of many authors. However, a new report from a former senior Donald Trump aide shows the infamous newspaper is beginning to censor what titles it deems worthy enough to make the cut.

On Saturday, November 20, former director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy (OTMP) under former President Donald Trump, Peter Navarro, told Breitbart in an exclusive interview that the New York Times was purposefully keeping his new book In Trump Time off its bestsellers list. According to sales data, Navarro’s book should be number three, just behind Paul McCartney’s The Lyrics and Philipp Dettmer’s Immune. However, it’s not found anywhere on the list at all.

Navarro highlighted that this blatant disregard for his book shows how the New York Times chooses to “push narratives” rather than news. One American shared his similar opinion on the censorship as well:

Through this action, or lack thereof, the New York Times made it clear it cares more about pushing its liberal editorial policy rather than reflecting what the American people are actually reading and purchasing. Hopefully, the paper acknowledges its blatant manipulation of a respected list and gives authors and writers the respect their work deserves, regardless of the topic.

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