Protestors Swarm Pfizer Headquarters Ahead of Draconian Vaccine Rules

Protestors Swarm Pfizer Headquarters Ahead of Draconian Vaccine Rules

( – For two years, so-called experts have told people around the world to “trust the science” when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions. Yet, it seems the science is different depending on where you’re located. While Americans have largely escaped widespread vaccine mandates thanks to the grit and determination of Conservatives, people in other countries like France aren’t so lucky.

In January, the French government passed what amounts to a vaccine mandate for the entire country. Everyone must show a vaccine passport to get into entertainment venues, restaurants, on flights, to take public transportation, and even to go grocery shopping. The unvaccinated will not be able to do any of those things without first getting the jab. French President Emmanuel Macron told reporters he wants to “piss off” the unvaccinated in his country, and will continue pushing draconian mandates “until the end.”

The decision by the French government caused widespread outrage. Protesters swarmed the country’s Pfizer headquarters to speak out against Macron and one of the major companies responsible for the vaccines in the first place. Some even held signs calling the vaccine maker and Macron “assassins.”

The French law further highlights the problems people have with the rules across the world. France is forcing people to receive the jabs, while the UK is not. The CDC says all kids over the age of 12 should receive a booster shot, yet the WHO disagrees. How are people supposed to “trust the science” when it seems world leaders can’t even figure out what science they are following?

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