Putin Sends Threat to the CIA

Putin Sends Threat to the CIA

Putin THREATENS CIA – “Assassination Plot” Reported

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Russia is notorious for its propaganda, often using state-run videos and stories to perpetuate the government’s lies throughout its nation. This trickery is an integral part of how Russian President Vladimir Putin operates and maintains power. Now, he’s trying to convince the world that the United States and its CIA helped Ukraine try and assassinate Russian-government TV host Vladimir Solovyov.

On Monday, April 25, Putin told listeners that the CIA was working with Ukraine to assassinate Solovyov. His evidence to the claim included a video from his Federal Security Service office showing a note signed “signature unclear” rather than an actual fake name strangely alongside three “The Sims” computer game disks. The sham video drew many to think this was much more likely an attempt at propaganda gone very poorly:

Washington Examiner reporter Tom Rogan shared more of Putin’s threats against the CIA:

In a statement to Reuters, the Security Service of Ukraine said there was no plan to assassinate the Russian TV host, insisting that Russia simply made up the story to threaten other nations.

As Putin’s war in Ukraine is not going the way he planned, he seems to be trying various methods to try and appear threatening to the rest of the world. Do you think Putin’s accusations are real, or is it just another false flag attempt by his government?

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