Putin’s Troops Choose Jail Instead of Fighting

Putin's Troops Choose Jail Instead of Fighting

Putin Soldiers REBEL – Jailing Ordered!

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Nearly half a year has passed since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his soldiers to invade Ukraine. What he likely anticipated to be a weeks-long war continues to drag on, and reports are beginning to spread of his troops’ morale sinking quite low. From gear shortages to refusing to fight and imprisonment, it seems the Russian army is seriously struggling.

Dozens of Russian Soldiers Imprisoned by Their Government

On Tuesday, August 2, reports surfaced that some Russian troops are refusing to fight and are now imprisoned because of it. This is according Maxim Grebenyuk, an advocate and lawyer based in Moscow who is representing four or more soldiers who believe they are being held in prison illegally.

Data indicates there could be up to 140 soldiers detained who were or are held behind bars for refusing to fight. In a statement, one anonymous troop said he stopped following orders after “tactical and strategic mistakes made by my commanders” who had a “total disregard for human life.”

This particular soldier claimed to have been held in prison beginning on July 19, with only one meal a day and poor hygiene facilities. Eventually, he was transferred to another holding facility guarded by the private military group Wagner, which told him he would be shot if he tried to run away. In addition, there was no documentation detailing why the soldiers were under arrest. So, he believes his detainment is illegal.

Is Russia Increasing Punishment of Its Soldiers?

A late-May report from The Guardian revealed that Russia had been firing soldiers who refused to fight in the war effort. This included some Rosgvardia troops, commonly referred to as Putin’s private army. It’s possible they were told by authorities they would be patrolling the streets of Kyiv after they took the capital, which is vastly different from the ongoing warfare often targeting civilians with deadly force.

This report shows that the issues with troop morale have been building for a while, and Russia’s treatment of such issues is getting more intense.

Funding, Troops, and Supplies for the Slowing Invasion

Sanctions against Russia vastly slowed the import of many items that the military would use to fix its tanks, drones, and other military equipment. Reports have circulated of drones being jury-rigged with duct tape and bottle caps and battalions running low on ammunition. Others have detailed some Russian troops not getting paid — with up to US $50,000 per person being withheld.

If Putin is running out of cash for his soldiers and cannot supply them with the tools for their job, how much longer do you think his invasion will last?

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