Quitting Trooper Sends Important Final Message to Washington

Quitting Trooper Sends Important Final Message to Washington

(ConservativeInsider.org) – As more state and local governments follow President Joe Biden’s lead to force employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, many communities are watching people leave their positions unwilling to comply with the requirements. In Washington State, a police officer who served over 22 years with the force shared a final, important message about the topic over his radio before signing off for the last time.

On Friday, October 15, Washington State Patrol officer Robert LaMay signed off on his police radio after 22-years of service. During his speech, which a friend recorded, he highlighted the reason for his departure was “because I am dirty,” referring to the state’s requirement that all employees get vaccinated.

The Media Research Center shared more:

LaMay signed off his radio call by calling out Washington Governor Jay Inslee (D) for his restrictive policy. Shortly after, the officer on the other end thanked LaMay for his extensive service, which included delivering a baby during his first year on the force.

While Governor Inslee currently maintains his mandate will not affect any state services, it’s clear to see it is affecting the morale of those involved as veterans choose to leave over these policies restricting their basic liberties. Hopefully, these overbearing leaders see the fault in their mandates and realize that freedom and liberty, rather than fear, are the best base on which they can build communities and states.

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