Ramaswamy Warns GOP About Looking Like Hacks

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Vivek Ramaswamy, American entrepreneur and Republican primary candidate, has some advice for the current field of Republican candidates. Ramaswamy, who currently ranks third in polls behind front-runner Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, believes the Republican party needs to establish and talk about their own agenda rather than just criticizing President Biden’s failed policies.

Ramaswamy believes that Biden isn’t the one calling the shots in the current administration, which is why attacking him won’t work. He thinks the deep state managerial class are the ones currently running our government, which is why he explained his plans for shutting down the “three letter government agencies” and how doing so will restore American trust and accountability in the government and revive the economy.

Ramaswamy claims the Republican party is in “search of an agenda,” which hurts their chances at retaking the presidency. He feels that the reason why the GOP lost the 2022 midterms is because they acted like “partisan hacks” who lacked a focused agenda. The entrepreneur declared that the GOP should step up and “articulate what we stand for.”

The third-ranking candidate has been under fire lately for his comments about how Juneteenth, which President Joe Biden declared a federal holiday in 2021, is a “useless holiday.” His comments come less than two months after posting a video on social media celebrating Juneteenth. A fellow GOP primary candidate, Will Hurd, called out Ramaswamy for his comments, saying his opponent wants to end a holiday that “celebrates freedom.”

Ramaswamy is the second Hindu candidate for president in the United States. Tulsi Gabbard, who ran as a Democrat in 2020 though she has since left the party, is also Hindu. Ramaswamy shared his ten core beliefs as a presidential candidate, beginning with “God is real” and “there are two genders.” He emphasizes his beliefs in religious freedom, as well as stating that his education at a Catholic high school convinced him to be anti-abortion, as well as where he learned a “Protestant work ethic.”

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