Rare Evidence of Crucifixion Revealed in Recent Archaeology Findings

Rare Evidence of Crucifixion Revealed in Recent Archaeology Findings

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Archaeology is a fascinating field where researchers can never quite guess what they will find. During an excavation of 3rd and 4th-century graveyards in Cambridgeshire, England, while making way for a housing development, archeologists stumbled across the best-preserved evidence of crucifixion ever found.

In 2017, dig leader David Ingham and his team were carefully working on various gravesites at the UK site when they dug up a fully-intact skeleton. After cleaning off the bones, researchers found the iron nail in its heel and realized just how rare their find was. To this day, archeologists have only found one other nail used in a crucifixion, but that specimen was not part of a whole skeleton.

Cambridge University shared the rare news:

While historians know plenty about crucifixion from historical documents, little physical evidence remains to this day, often due to the lowly nature of those crucified who didn’t get a proper burial. Even this evidence is startling due to its location in the United Kingdom — thousands of miles away from the Roman Empire’s center and the Middle East, where most of the information around the ancient practice originates.

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