Realtor Tips for Buying a Home in 2022

Realtor Tips for Buying a Home in 2022

( – With interest rates still low and Americans looking for a little more space to work from home, it’s unlikely that the housing market will slow down in 2022. As people either start or continue their search for a perfect home, a few realtors shared some top tips on what to do when buying that dream house.

First off, homebuyers should never borrow more than they can afford. Many people look for homes before they secure financing, but it’s critical to see what a healthy budget can accommodate before spending too much on a dream home that gets foreclosed on just a few years later.

Next, future homeowners should always do a web search of their state’s sex offenders list and the home’s address. This can clue potential buyers into any liabilities or issues with the house or neighborhood before committing to it. In a similar vein, try to understand the wording behind the home listing. For example, “cozy house with quaint yard” might actually mean a dark, small home with minimal outdoor space, something most potential homeowners may want to stay away from.

One realtor shared more of her favorite tips in a video on Twitter:

While many people will be tempted to pounce on the first home they fall in love with, it’s important to remain unemotional as the parties enter a home-buying contract. If needed, get legal advice from a lawyer and always make sure to do a home inspection. By protecting yourself first, you’ll also protect one of the biggest investments of your life.

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