Rep. Dan Crenshaw Tells Americans Not to Comply With Mandates

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Tells Americans Not to Comply With Mandates

( – The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has changed its guidelines on masks quite a few times since the coronavirus pandemic began. This has left many Americans scratching their heads as to what to do and believe. After having told fully-vaccinated Americans it was safe to walk around without a mask for months, the CDC backtracked in July. Now, it’s telling them to mask up in high-risk areas. Tired of all the politics and lack of science surrounding this, one representative is standing up to the CDC.

On Thursday, July 29, Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) spoke with Fox News’ Primetime host Tammy Bruce about the CDC’s decision to ask citizens who got the COVID-19 jab to don face masks once again. Crenshaw highlighted work his staff did to understand what studies the CDC based its new guidelines on.

It turns out, according to Crenshaw, the CDC’s latest recommendations are based on a study in India on the AstraZeneca vaccine, one not provided in the US, that was rejected during the peer review process. The Texas representative highlighted this as “extremely suspicious” and said the decision was really just to make Americans “scared” and “controlled.”

Crenshaw summed up his thoughts on the latest guidelines on Twitter:

Crenshaw did note that the coronavirus vaccines “are actually effective,” but urged listeners not to “comply with any more lockdowns, with any more mandates, none of it.” Now armed with facts, every American gets to make his or her own decision about what rules to comply with and which may be better overlooked.

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