Republicans’ Plan to Take Back 47 House Seats

Republicans' Plan to Take Back 47 House Seats

( – The 2020 election created surprises for everyone across the board, including the GOP’s impressive gains in the House. The conservative party flipped 15 Democrat seats, while the Dems only managed to turn 3 to their side. This gave the Left only a slim majority, landing the final count at 222-218 in the lower chamber.

But, Republicans have put together a plan to win back 47 seats in the 2022 election, which would secure a strong GOP majority for the second half of Biden’s presidency.

The National Republican Congressional Committee Announces Its Game Plan

On Wednesday, February 10, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) laid out its plan to win back the majority of the House.

Of the 47 seats they hope to take, 29 are in battleground districts where there were slim victory margins in 2020. There are 8 Underperforming Democrats that won by under 10% that could be flipped. Lastly, 10 districts are likely to be redrawn, allowing for a right-leaning district to be formed.

The Fight for the House Majority

Many Democrats won their districts by slim majorities in the election, such as Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) who won by only 2.6% of the vote. Compare this to 2018, when he had a 19-point lead over his opponent. This goes to show Democrat control is slipping in many areas of our nation. Similarly, Rep. Jared Golden (D-ME) squeaked out a win in his district last year, even though it voted for Donald Trump with a 7.5% majority.

These are just two examples of the seats the GOP plans to take from battleground districts. The other categories have similarly small win margins where Republicans can take back seats through targeted campaigns.

Middle-Class America Can’t Take Any More Socialists

NRCC executive director John Billings wrote in the plan that the Democrats’ “radical, partisan agenda” is “too extreme for middle-class families.” He detailed in the memo just how the GOP is ready to “bring the fight” to take back the seats.

The campaigns will focus on downplaying the socialist policies of the Left, as well as the increasing size and involvement of the government in American’s everyday lives. Campaigns will also highlight Biden’s attack on gas and energy jobs, and Democrats’ push to keep schools closed during the pandemic.

All in all, the NRCC has understood the many frustrations Americans have with the current administration and plans to use the momentum of the next two years to take back both the House and our country.

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