Republicans Win Bid to Outlaw Most Abortions in Texas

Republicans Win Bid to Outlaw Most Abortions in Texas

( – The war to protect the lives of the unborn will continue to rage, but it is likely lawmakers have won a major battle in Texas. In May, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed state Senate Bill 8, a law that would make abortions illegal after an ultrasound can detect a heartbeat, usually around six weeks. The law will go into effect on Wednesday, September 1

The new Texas law allows citizens to file lawsuits against anyone who helps a woman get an abortion. That includes doctors who perform abortions after six weeks, along with anyone who provides financial or physical assistance for the procedure. If a suit succeeds, the new law allows the plaintiffs to collect $10,000 in damages, as well as legal expenses.

Texas abortion providers, along with the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, have joined together to ask the US Supreme Court to overturn the new law. The Texas Tribune shares more about this move:

When the bill becomes law on September 1, it’ll be a huge defeat for abortionists and an enormous victory in the fight for life. Perhaps this win will give other states the confidence to make similar laws to protect every American’s right to life.

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