Residents Flee Many Democrat Run Cities As Homeless Crisis Surges

( – In a prime example of why Democrats should never be allowed anywhere near the levers of political power, hundreds of thousands of thousands of residents and businesses are selling up and leaving Democrat-run cities throughout America.

Some cities such as San Francisco have lost over 7 per cent of their populations in recent years, with residents and businesses alike citing the crime, drug use and violence associated with record levels of homelessness, a situation which is going unaddressed by Democrat city leaders,

Cities such as Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles on the west coast, together with Philadelphia, Austin, Chicago, Denver, and many others under Democrat control across the country are experiencing almost identical problems.

Tent cities and encampments have appeared in many areas and a corresponding spike in associated crime – such as violent and erratic behaviour from homeless people exacerbated by the zombie-like effects of powerful drugs such as fentanyl.

In addition, Democrat leaders seeking to pander to the radical Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement by “defunding the police” have almost eradicated the ability of local police forces to respond to frequent reports of anti-social behaviour, defecation on public sidewalks, open drug-dealing on the streets, and murderous attacks by criminal gangs who threaten and intimidate anyone who has the misfortune to get in their way.

To make matters worse, some Democrat leaders have even relaxed existing laws on controlling homelessness and have made it a criminal offence to “harass” homeless people, punishable with a $1000 dollar fine.

One business owner in Portland decided to move out after his office was caught in the crossfire between criminal gangs and riddled with bullets, something which he described as “absolute madness.”

Other business owners have moved out after suffering unprecedented losses due to shoplifting and violence towards staff and customers. Despite this, some Democrat leaders have been pushing to pass laws to prevent security personnel from using their weapons to defend themselves or to protect property.

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