Retailers Face Big Changes in 2021

Retailers Face Big Changes In 2021

( – How Americans shop has changed drastically during the pandemic. Having groceries delivered was once considered odd, but it’s now the norm. As our society continues to adapt to the pandemic and demand new digital services for shopping and delivery, retailers are facing enormous changes in the year ahead, even after the pandemic is over.

Delivery Is the New Normal

With so many options for delivery these days, few retailers will survive if they are unable to offer some form of speedy delivery. Shopping and tech giant Amazon has been perfecting its delivery game this year, and continues to expand:

But, many businesses teamed up with local, last-mile delivery services in order to meet the growing demand during the pandemic. This provided gig-economy worker jobs while giving Americans the fast delivery they now demand.

Now that Americans have experienced the ease of delivery and curbside pickup, it’s unlikely they’ll ever fully go back to in-store shopping.

Business Models Are Changing

As Americans have had plenty of time to evaluate their lives this year, companies have done the same. Many found ways to expand their brand through subscription, rental, and used options. Patagonia has figured out how to turn people into consumers for life through their used clothing program Worn Wear:

Some companies even introduced rent-to-buy models to lure customers in while creating a consistent relationship and even dependence on the company. The year 2021 will only bring us more subscription-based purchases and new ways of getting just what we want.

Stores Will Be Transformed

With so many people solely buying online these days, many brick and mortar stores have turned into small shipping centers. But, they must continue to adapt in order to stay current.

For example, Walmart is overhauling 200 stores into sleek, airport-inspired shopping centers that will pair seamlessly with its digital app. Marketing and Communications agency Zenergy shares more:

It’s likely that stores will also increase the use of sales appointments and augmented reality experiences to sell consumers on their products.

Retailers Must Adapt in 2021

The way Americans consume goods is undeniably changing. With numerous new ways to get products delivered, even if it’s only a jacket someone rents for a season, businesses will be pushed to keep up with the changing American landscape in 2021.

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