Retired Admiral Claims Tuberville’s Block on Military Promotions Has a Negative Effect on Troop Readiness

( – In the balance of Congressional power, the Senate has the authority to approve or delay nominations for officers of the United States, including generals and others for the Department of Defense and the military. This year, Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville has halted all promotions, including some of the highest jobs within the military. The Pentagon has stated that 301 officers are waiting to be confirmed, among them senior officers who command the Pacific fleet, cyber commanders, and many others in what is considered essential work.

Senator Tuberville has imposed this confirmation blockade to oppose the Department of Defense policy that allows payment to transport service members across state lines if they require medical care, such as an abortions that are not permitted within the state where they reside.

Lloyd Austin, U.S. Secretary of Defense, notes that these delays undermine military readiness and the ability to retain the best personnel within the military. Many families are struggling to work within the confines of the situation.

Retired Admiral Mike Mullen, who served under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama said that this situation is causing more tension than necessary. The conflict with Taiwan, the war with Ukraine and Russia, and the threat of China are all in limbo due to these leadership delays. Mullen claimed the disruption to military families is unnecessary and proving more expensive than the point Tuberville is trying to make.

There is no doubt from Ret. Adm. Mullen that the Senator has a right to his position but politicizing the military cannot be tolerated. Senators from both parties and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell have implored Tuberville to shift his stance and allow the confirmations, but so far, Tuberville has refused. At this point, appointment voting on the Senate floor would take months to approve, given the current backlog.

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