Rick Perry Says Leftist Climate Policies Might Not Work in Texas

Rick Perry Says Leftist Policies Might Cause More Deaths in Texas

(ConservativeInsider.org) – As subzero temperatures spread across the southern United States, many Americans struggle to stay warm. The freezing cold has also uncovered a huge – and deadly – weakness to some current policies and Democrats’ 100% green energy plans.

Thankfully, some Republicans are pointing out how we can learn from this terrible storm to better protect ourselves in the future. On Monday, February 15, former Texas Governor Rick Perry spoke with Fox News and emphasized how energy diversity is key to keeping the energy supply up and working.

Wind turbines, for instance, that usually provide around one-fifth of the state’s energy froze during the storm, making them useless when they were needed most.

Governor Perry shared more on Twitter:

This storm shows us that the Left’s push for 100% green energy will not keep Americans safe from extreme weather conditions. Instead, a diverse energy supply means the United States could continue to better adapt to a variety of different weather conditions, something the Left hasn’t yet been ready to admit.

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