Ron DeSantis Has Raised $100 Million

Ron DeSantis Has Raised $100 Million

( – Fundraising is key to any political campaign. Money not only shows support from constituents, but it purchases ads and mailers while funding campaign staff. So, when a new report showed that current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) raised over $100 million last year in his bid for re-election, candidates around the country took note.

On Monday, April 11, the Florida Division of Elections published data from 2021, detailing that DeSantis raised just about $109 million from January 1 to December 31, 2021. For comparison, former President Donald Trump’s political groups raised $140 million in 2021, showing that DeSantis’ fundraising power is similar to the former president’s.

CNN reporter Steve Contorno shared how impressive DeSantis’ fundraising stats are:

While no one has officially stated they will run for the GOP ticket in 2024, DeSantis’ successful fundraising shows the party his influence, likeability, and strength if he chose to pursue a term in the White House. However, DeSantis has made it clear that his primary goal, for now, is to score a second term as the governor of Florida. All in all, though, politicians across the spectrum can see that the GOP leaders’ personality, rejection of harsh COVID-19 restrictions, and protection of family values have led him to be a frontrunner in any political race.

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