Ron DeSantis Unveils New Win for Teachers and Law Enforcement

Ron DeSantis Unveils New Win for Teachers and Law Enforcement

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has been fiercely fighting for his state’s freedom since the coronavirus pandemic began. While other states shut down businesses and punished citizens who didn’t receive a coronavirus vaccine, DeSantis ensured his constituents had the freedom to make their own choices about their businesses and bodies. Now, DeSantis has announced his next major move to bring prosperity to his state through next years’ budget.

On Thursday, December 9, DeSantis announced his $99.7-billion “Freedom First” budget proposal for the next fiscal year. It currently includes a $1,000 bonus for teachers, principals, and law enforcement officers, and cuts the state’s gas tax by $0.25 for 5 months. The plan also includes $8 million to push back against illegal immigration and $2.4 million for investigators to ensure employers are verifying their workers are legal to work in the US.

Bloomberg shared the news on Twitter:

With this new budget, DeSantis is using the money from his state’s booming economy and federal government relief to reward his state for staying open and following the law. Such a positive action by DeSantis provides hope to many that life will go on after the coronavirus pandemic.

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