Ron Johnson Says Kamala Harris Trip Is a Plot to Distract Attention

Ron Johnson Says Kamala Harris Trip Is a Plot to Distract Attention

( – When Vice President Kamala Harris finally agreed to visit the US-Mexico border after being in charge of the crisis for over three months, some Americans felt relieved she might actually take her job seriously. However, after a second glance at Harris’ trip, many Republicans have called the trip out for simply trying to distract attention away from the real crisis zone further south along the border.

On Friday, June 25, Harris visited the US-Mexico border near El Paso, Texas to meet with border patrol agents and see the crisis first hand. Yet, many critics noted that El Paso has actually fared the surge of migrants fairly well. Instead, it’s towns further south in Texas, like McAllen or east in Tucson, Arizona where authorities are having difficulties keeping criminals at bay.

On Tuesday, June 29, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) spoke with “Fox & Friends” to highlight Harris’ distraction techniques. He argued that the administration sent Harris “to a point in the border where she wouldn’t see the crisis and so the press wouldn’t report on the crisis.” The full segment with Johnson can be seen here:

Even Art Del Cueto, the vice president of the Border Patrol union, declared Harris’ visit a “slap in the face” by choosing El Paso rather than a “hot zone” to visit. Hopefully, Harris will see the error of her ways and take a minute to address the actual crisis soon before it gets even further out of hand.

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