Rush Limbaugh’s Last Words Calls Out Joe Biden

Rush Limbaugh's Last Words Calls Out Joe Biden

( – For over 30 years, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh brought his incredible talent and humorous disposition to Americans all across our nation. He rejuvenated radio waves through his talk show that reached over 25 million people per week and let his listeners know that there were plenty of other Conservatives out there in the world just like them. Limbaugh used his power and status wisely, even in his final days.

Limbaugh Calls Out Biden’s Energy Policy in His Final Days

On February 2, Rush Limbaugh called out President Joe Biden for canceling a speech at the State Department for “inclement weather” when it appeared DC only got around two inches of snow. Biden’s rescheduling was put in stark contrast to Limbaugh’s efforts, who still did his radio show despite his ongoing battle lung cancer.

But, Limbaugh did not stop there. Later in the day, the radio giant attacked Biden on Facebook, writing, “The odds are that there are a lot of people, coal miners, a lot of people that voted for Biden who had no idea what he’s gonna do and what’s yet to come.” Limbaugh saw that Biden’s energy policy may cost our nation its energy independence and destroy thousands of jobs in those sectors in the process.

Limbaugh’s Legacy Will Never Be Forgotten

Rush Limbaugh was as authentic a personality as they come. He brought the conservative point of view back into style and faced critics and politicians head-on without beating around the bush. Limbaugh fought for the liberties and freedoms our nation is built on and gave all of us the courage to do the same.

Many people remembered Limbaugh on Twitter, including his brother, David:

Former White House speechwriter Michael Johns also shared his thoughts:

Limbaugh has been a cornerstone of the Republican movement for decades, and there will surely be a hole left in his place for years to come. But, we are so thankful for all the work he did to serve our nation until the very end.

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