Russia to Use Facial Recognition on Citizens

Russia to Use Facial Recognition on Citizens

( – In this ever-advancing world, human rights and privacy are growing concerns as technology and software continue to grow and develop. The latest eyebrow-raising advancement comes from Moscow, Russia, where the metro just introduced a payment option where customers pay for their fare using facial recognition technology.

On Friday, October 15, Moscow Metro released “Face Pay,” which allows riders to connect their payment card and traveler information to their photo. This voluntary service enables travelers to pay simply by showing their faces to the security cameras nearby. While this is a speedy way to process this transaction, it raises many privacy concerns as it’s installed at over 240 rail stations in the country.

Qatari daily newspaper The Peninsula Qatar shared about the new program on Twitter:

The founder of digital privacy and government transparency group Roskomsvoboda, Stanislav Shakirov, highlighted this move “is a dangerous new step in Russia’s push for control over its population.” Recent reports have shown Moscow using cameras and facial recognition to suppress anti-government protests and track residents for various purposes. While this program is only voluntary for now, it could likely be a step towards a more strict and authoritarian regime. Does America’s obsession with the latest technology mean it is heading in this direction, too?

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