Russian Flag TAKEN DOWN – Details Released!

Russian Flag Taken Down in Kherson

Russian Flag Taken Down in Kherson

( – When the Russian army invaded Ukraine back in February, one of their first major victories was taking Kherson, a regional capital on the Black Sea in southern Ukraine. However, troops in the city seem to be packing up and preparing to step back from the stronghold. Yet, Ukrainian forces do not think the invading army is simply retreating.

In early November, Russians took down their flag from one of the major buildings in the city.

In addition, Russian media stations have said troops are bringing back 18th-century statues of Russian commanders as they evacuate thousands of civilians from the region. However, reports also show approximately 40,000 troops on the west bank of the Dnieper River that borders the city, which is more than at any other time during the conflict. Lastly, Ukrainians are not currently attacking the city to get it back right now, though, making it quite odd that Russians would just give it up.

According to The Hill, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently told an Italian newspaper how Russia’s “best-trained troops” are there, and he doesn’t believe anyone has actually left.

Processing all of this intel, many war experts believe Russia is up to something, such as a trap, to try and draw Ukrainian troops into the city before bombarding them. If Russian President Vladimir Putin can draw the opposing army into an intense battle in the south, that could weaken other areas of the nation for him to attack again.

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