Russian Pilot Spotted at China Jet Crash

Russian Pilot Spotted at China Jet Crash

Military Plane CRASH In China – Look Who Was Flying The Plane

( – Russia and China have been walking a fine line of friendship recently. Despite this kinship, China is still quite proud that it only uses Chinese military officials to train its troops. So, when a video began circulating online about a Russian pilot at the sight of a Chinese jet crash, many people grew suspicious that China actually had to pull in another nation to help train its pilots.

According to The Washington Times, a video began circulating on various social networks on Saturday, April 23, that showed a Russian pilot speaking with a Chinese pilot after crashing their JL-10 jet somewhere in China. The two apparently ejected from the plane during training exercises. Local villagers began filming the pair as they recovered from their crash, shown here by one news source that focuses on military alerts:

The Chinese pilot was speaking with his commander over the radio, asking for assistance as he might have broken his leg. This news comes as China has been trying to revamp its pilot training program, which has been lengthy and outdated for quite some time.

Anything can go wrong with an aircraft from mechanical issues to pilot error, and considering that China wants the world to believe that only their own officers train their pilots, we were surprised to see both Chinese and Russian pilots in one aircraft. What do you think of the situation? Reply to your email and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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