“Safe Haven” Laws Take Center Stage During Supreme Court Case

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Soon after the turn of the century, horrific stories of baby killings and abandonment circled in the media, encouraging states to make laws to hopefully protect these days or weeks-old infants. Out of this, “Safe Haven” laws were born, allowing women to leave incredibly young babies at certain locations without question or consequences so that families who actually want them can adopt them. These laws are now back in the spotlight as the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) talks over the latest abortion case.

On Wednesday, December 1, SCOTUS heard oral arguments on the Mississippi abortion case that could ban all terminations in the state after 15 weeks of pregnancy. During the discussion, pro-abortion advocates highlighted that the procedure allows women to choose whether or not to they’re ready to be a parent. However, Justice Amy Coney Barrett countered the argument by highlighting that all 50 states have “Safe Haven” laws giving them that choice.

Iowa’s News Now shared more about the complex discussion on Twitter:

According to the CDC, women have surrendered over 4,000 babies since “Safe Haven” laws took effect in 1999. A CDC study also revealed the infant homicide rate decreased 13% from the 1990s to the 2010s after legislatures passed these laws. This does show some improvement in the odds of saving unwanted children. However, there are likely other ways to boost the odds of life for unwanted babies, Americans just have to find and pursue them.

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