Sanders Admits Democrats Held UP COVID Relief

Sanders Admits Democrats Held UP COVID Relief

( – Both parties have played the blame game with each other as stimulus bill talks stalled over the past few months. But, the far-left Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) just admitted that Democrats leaders blocked the much-needed relief for Americans.

On Monday, December 7, CNN host Jake Tapper confronted Sanders about the Democrats’ earlier rejection of the White House’s $1.8-trillion bill and push for a $2.2-trillion bill instead. Sanders admitted it was the Democrats who stalled the aid package:

Americans have been waiting for months for critical small business relief, boosted unemployment benefits, and additional state and local government aid. Sanders’ confirmation of Democrats withholding this assistance from Americans reveals so much about their true agenda.

This comes as a bipartisan group of Senators is pushing through a $908-billion stimulus package, which could be passed in the next week or so. Hopefully, Democrats and Republicans can come to an agreement on it before the next recess to provide Americans with a bit of aid before 2021.

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