Saudis Are Paying Half as Much for Gas as Americans

Saudis Are Paying Half as Much for Gas as Americans

Look How Much SAUDIS Are Paying For Gas.

( – When a country is able to produce something itself, it often gets a better price or higher quality of that specific good than if it had sourced it elsewhere. It turns out that rule of thumb applies to gas in many ways. A new report shows that Saudis are paying about half of what Americans are paying per gallon of oil.

On Saturday, July 16, NBC’s Senior White House Correspondent Kelly O’Donnell shared a video of gas prices in Saudi Arabia:

The numbers shown above equate to about $0.62 per liter or $2.35 per gallon, nearly half of the national average of $4.495 on Tuesday, July 19, according to AAA.

This realization comes as President Joe Biden continues to push green energy initiatives despite many Americans asking him to bring down gas prices through domestic oil production. During his recent trip, our president even got the Saudi government to agree to boost its oil production by 50% over what was planned in July and August.

Looking at oil prices abroad versus at home, it seems the progressive party’s push for green energy production may have been a bit premature. The Democrats can try to keep pushing for renewable energy, but they should be mindful of the price Americans pay for that agenda today.

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