School Unveils New Segregation Plans By Race

School Unveils New Segregation Plans By Race

( – America’s Founding Fathers built the United States on the principle that all human beings are created equal, so the government should treat them equally. However, in Colorado, one school district seems to be flying in the face of this value after announcing a racially-segregated playground time for families of color.

This fall, Denver’s Centennial Elementary School announced it would host a “Families of Color Playground Night” after a local parent requested a “space of belonging.” However, as the school system promoted this in defense of equity and diversity, many parents wondered how excluding non-colored children from this event created a healthy community where children learn to accept and embrace each other.

In addition, a law professor at Denver University noted that Colorado state law says no school can make “any distinction or classification of pupils be made on account of race or color.” KOKH FOX 25 shared more about the school districts defense of their latest initiative:

Even after community outrage, the Media Relations Manager for Denver Public Schools defended the decision, saying he believes the program and others like it will unite the community rather than divide. Despite his statement, many Americans still wonder how a segregated playtime could encourage inclusivity and unity in any way.

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