Schools Allow Children to Check Out Explicit Content

Schools Allow Children to Check Out Explicit Content

( – Years ago, parents sent their children to school thinking they would learn about history, math, language, and maybe even enjoy some time outside during recess. Meanwhile, this would keep them out of trouble and set them up for success. Now, it seems that some schools in America allow students to check out explicit sexual content from the library without allowing parents to have a say in the matter.

On Wednesday, September 22, Stacy Langton, a mother of six, spoke at Virginia’s Fairfax County Public School board meeting. She showed members how she was able to check out two explicit graphic novels from her children’s school library, clearly showing that the children also have access to them.

Langton emphasized how the adult picture books have scenes of pedophilia and pornography in them and should not be accessible to children. The school board said they would look into the matter.

While parents are fighting for the right to influence their children’s school, the state is in an intense gubernatorial race between Republican Glenn Youngkin and former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe. However, the latter has made it quite clear where his views on such a situation stand, shared here by School Choice Now’s National Director of Research, Corey DeAngelis:

If a TV show showed the photos found in the books in question, they would have to blur them out. However, the librarians and administrators at some Virginia schools allowed children to check them out. Where are parental controls and moral standards? Are either even allowed these days?

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