Schools Require Parents to Pay $20k to See What They’re Teaching Children

Schools Require Parents to Pay $20k to See What They're Teaching Children

Schools Require Parents To Pay $20k To See This…

( – When schools went virtual for a time in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents all of a sudden had huge insights into what their children were learning. However, this brought quite a bit of tension to the parent-teacher relationship, as they battled over how lessons portray different subjects. Now, it seems one Virginia school district may be hiding something quite disturbing.

The Daily Wire recently submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the Richmond school system to obtain any records that include the terms “sex work” or “sex worker.” Rather than turning over the materials quickly, the district declared the fee to properly respond to the request would be $19,555. Only after half of that amount was received would they begin their search.

The Daily Wire’s investigative reporter Luke Rosiak shared more about this on Twitter:

School officials said the price included the time it would take them to remove sensitive information from the myriad of materials, as well as the cost of accessing and collecting over 4,000 of them.

The concern stems in part from a middle school library book called “Seeing Gender,” which has an entire chapter devoted to sex work, allegedly claiming that prostitution is a job, “like being a store clerk…” and that sex work is “generally misunderstood.”

At a time when schools often seem to be pushing liberal agendas onto students, it is disheartening to see a school district asking people to pay $20,000 to gain an understanding of what their children are hearing and reading about prostitution. Hopefully, the district comes forward with more information to ensure they are not hiding anything.

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