Scientists Discover Horrifying Chemical in Fast Food

Scientists Discover Horrifying Chemical in Fast Food

( – When Americans head to a fast food restaurant for a burger fix, most know that it’s a less healthy choice than a simple PB&J or salad. However, a new study shows that popular fast food items may even be more dangerous to people’s health than previously thought.

On Wednesday, October 27, the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology published a study on the dangerous level of phthalates in fast foods. During the study, scientists tested 64 samples, including burgers, chicken burritos, and cheese pizza, for 11 different plastic-based chemicals.

Writer and podcaster Chuck Carroll shared more about this startling study:

Researchers found phthalates, a plasticizer known to cause fertility issues, asthma, and cognitive development issues, in most of the foods sampled and on the restaurant workers’ gloves. Scientists found the highest concentrations of plasticizer in meat-heavy products. Fries and pizza seemed to have the least contamination, although the phthalates were still present.

Manufacturers put phthalates in shampoos, packings, vinyl floors, soaps, and many other everyday items. As of now, however, no governing agency has banned them from food packaging, which led to the high levels of this toxic chemical in fast food. Hopefully, reports such as this will help get the word out so pressure can be put on the agencies that have the power to stop this dangerous practice.

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