Secret Government Contracts Show Disturbing Truth About Pfizer

Secret Government Contracts Show Disturbing Truth About Pfizer

( – Whenever the government engages in business with a private company, both parties agree on a contract outlining the relationship. However, when the coronavirus came onto the scene, governments were at the mercy of vaccine developers to help stop the pandemic. Advocacy groups were able to get some of the contracts that developed out of this crisis to show the immense profit pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer gained from the pandemic — without assuming any risk.

According to the advocacy group Public Citizen, Pfizer has 73 contracts with various governments surrounding the company’s COVID-19 vaccine. Countries have only published five contracts, all of which include many redactions covering critical information. Public Citizen was able to access 7 unredacted versions which are worth over $5 billion.

In addition to this enormous income, most governments, including the United States, agreed to let Pfizer distribute its vaccine without any liability should their vaccine cause harm down the road. The Brazilian government went so far as to call Pfizer’s contract negotiations “unfair and abusive.”

The Protagonist News shared more about this disturbing development:

In the words of Public Citizen, their review of the secret contracts reveal the influence Pfizer holds “to silence governments, throttle supply, shift risk and maximize profits in the worst public health crisis in a century.”

Governments around the world signed up to provide the company with billions of dollars, taking all the risk upon themselves. Is this as it should be?

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