Sen. Tom Cotton Says Biden’s Agenda Is “Dead on Arrival”

Sen. Tom Cotton Says Biden's Agenda Is

( – To no one’s surprise, President Joe Biden unveiled a grossly expensive and radical agenda for America’s future during his first address to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, April 28. Republicans were quick to attack the president’s plan, and one Senator gave Conservatives confidence that it will be “dead on arrival.”

Soon after Biden’s speech wrapped up, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) tweeted the following:

Cotton’s fellow congressman Senator John Boozman (R-AK) went on to criticize Biden’s $2.3-trillion infrastructure proposal, calling it a “Democrat slush fund.” The Arkansas Senator noted how President Biden frequently spoke of China’s power in the world, but doesn’t want to prioritize military spending to keep us safe from such a threat.

Similarly, Representative Julia Letlow (R-LA) noted that “federal government spending cannot be the answer to everything.” Each of these senators understands that Biden’s so-called infrastructure plan is simply giving the government more control over our lives, something that directly conflicts with the values our nation was founded on. So, just as Senator Cotton said, let’s hope this bill is “dead on arrival” in the Senate.

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