Senate Parliamentarian Rules Against $111-Billion Section of the BBB Plan

Senate Parliamentarian Rules Against 111 Billion Dollar Section of the BBB Plan

( – For quite some time, Democrats have been pushing Congress to allow millions of immigrants in the United States to remain stateside for longer periods of time. Democrats included such a proposal in the latest rendition of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan, but the Senate parliamentarian just nixed the initiative from the bill.

On Thursday, December 16, Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, the nonpartisan arbiter of the upper chamber’s rules, decided the current immigration provisions in the proposed social infrastructure bill do not align with the rules of Congress. The proposal attempted to provide around 6.5 million immigrants the ability to hold up to two five-year work permits. The immigrants, who have been in the US since 2010 and earlier, now face an uncertain future.

MacDonough based her opinion on the fact that Democrats are trying to push the Build Back Better plan through the Senate by a simple majority vote, rather than the typical 60 votes needed to pass a bill. Under this provision, bills must be budget-driven rather than policy-driven, something the Democrats’ immigration proposal certainly was not.

Newsmax was one of the first to announce the blow to the progressive agenda:

The Democrats’ proposal would have cost approximately $111 billion over 10 years according to the Congressional Budget Office. Removing this from the nearly $2-trillion Build Back Better plan makes it slightly more fiscally responsible, but it’s still not likely to pass as Manchin effectively pulled the plug on his support for the act on Sunday, December 19.

For now, the bill is considered DOA, but it’s possible Democrats will try to rework it and gain Manchin’s support — we shall see.

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