Senate Passes Another Blow to Biden’s Mandates

Senate Passes Another Blow for Biden's Mandates

( – Republicans have been fighting against President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates for months. They have won some fights and lost some. Recently, they got one step closer to winning another battle against the president.

Biden’s Shameful Lies

When Biden was running for the White House, and for months after, he promised he wouldn’t mandate COVID-19 vaccines. Many Americans from both political parties were worried about being forced to undergo a medical procedure they did not want. They believed the choice should be theirs. Eventually, Biden proved he had no intention of keeping his promise by giving into the far-Left and issuing several mandates that impacted millions of Americans.

Many federal and state lawmakers, as well as military members and average Americans, objected to the president’s decision. They filed lawsuits against the POTUS with a few of them making it all the way to the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS).

One of the cases that made it to the high court was the National Federation of Independent Business v. Department of Labor. That had to do with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requiring vaccines for all healthcare workers at facilities that received federal funding. The SCOTUS upheld the mandate, leaving lawmakers with only one option: pass legislation to ban the mandates.

Senate Passes Resolution

On March 2, the Senate passed a resolution 49-44 to end the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) introduced the resolution in December, 2021.

Marshall introduced the resolution to block the mandate by using the Congressional Review Act, a tool used to overturn rules issued by the federal government.

Healthcare Workers Fight Back

While Congress battles it out, healthcare workers are leaving the profession and some have even gone on strike over the mandates. Marshall spoke on the Senate floor about the resolution, showing data that proved Biden is hurting Americans with the mandate. Roughly one in five healthcare workers have quit their jobs since February 2020. It’s so bad, the American Nursing Association has asked the federal government to declare the nursing shortage a national crisis, which would free up funds to help deal with the massive loss of healthcare professionals.

These workers object to the federal government forcing the vaccine on them. If Republicans win this fight in the long term, then they can finally help the heroes who keep Americans alive.

The resolution will now head to the House where it is unlikely to pass, but stranger things have happened so time will tell.

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