Serial Rapist Let Off Lightly Despite One Girl Dying After He Assaulted Her

Serial Rapist Let Off Lightly Despite One Girl Dying After He Assaulted Her

( – Justice and safety are two things nearly every victim wants after experiencing something traumatic. However, that’s precisely what one young lady did not get after a judge allowed a South Carolina man to avoid jail time after admitting he assaulted a young woman three years ago.

On Friday, April 9, 19-year-old Bowen Turner entered into a plea deal, admitting to both assault and battery of Chloe Bess, a local pastor’s daughter, in 2019. Turner, who is the son of a local district attorney, managed to make the deal after arguing he was a juvenile when he assaulted her.

However, this was not the only case against Turner in recent months. Another victim accused him of rape, but the 18-year-old girl died suddenly in the fall of 2021, resulting in the charges being dropped. A third victim also dropped charges that she had filed in a different county. With so many accusations against this 19-year-old, many people are wondering why the judge only gave him probation and did not force him to register as a sex offender.

Creator and CEO of the Murdaugh Murders Podcast Mandy Matney shared her thoughts on why some major papers in the area have not picked up this startling story:

Perhaps one of the contributing factors to Turner’s measly punishment is the fact that the powerful state senator Brad Hutto (D) served as his defense. Is a few years of probation truly justice for a young man who admitted to assaulting a woman? Let us know your thoughts.

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