Sesame Street Goes All in For Pride Month

( – The Satanic indoctrination of our children continues this month as Sesame Street, the much-loved and subconsciously influential children’s TV program, steams full ahead on all four engines for Pride month by explicitly celebrating LGBTQIA+ communities. A series of posts on social media encourage impressionable children – typically between the ages of three and five – to celebrate “acceptance, unity, diversity, and love” by making the world “a kinder place to live in”.

Quite apart from the fact that the chosen form of alphabet soup for Sesame Street this month is LGBTQIA+, thereby ignoring pansexual, paedophile and 2-spirit entities amongst dozens of other made-up genders that have become so important to the deluded denizens of the Left, the notion that such progressive cultural indoctrination of our children is likely to result in the world being a kinder place to live in is similarly deluded.

The world is an inherently unkind and unforgiving place in which to bring up young children – and attempts to normalise gender dysphoria and ignore the growing mental health crisis that comes with it are not doing our children any favours. This is especially true when considering the natural propensity of young children to take on board those malign influences to which they are exposed in our increasingly left-wing progressive culture.

Recent studies have shown that the correlation between the growing number of children who have adopted an LGBTQIA+ identity and the subsequent deterioration in mental health is getting too large to be ignored, with more than half (52 per cent) of such children becoming clinically depressed, and more than three in five (63 per cent) experiencing severe anxiety.

This is not the first time that Sesame Street has targeted young children with political and “progressive” messages. Back in 2020, the iconic TV program encouraged children to be “anti-racist” by discriminating against those in whom “racist” sentiments might be observed, without explaining that “racism” is a perfectly natural human trait that every culture possesses.

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