Slave Reparations Going Forward After Push By Radical Democrats

Slave Reparations Going Forward After Push By Radical Democrats

( – For over 30 years, Democrats have pushed for black Americans to receive some form of reparations from the government for the simple fact that many black people were enslaved during our nation’s history. For this first time in this bill’s history, though, it will be sent to a House vote.

The House Judiciary Committee Approves H.R. 40

On Wednesday, April 14, the House Judiciary Committee voted 25-17 to move the bill to the House floor. The bill, if passed, would create a commission to review “stark societal disparities” experienced and to see if there are any lasting effects of Jim Crow laws and slavery on black Americans today.

This commission would be made up of 15 people and cost $20 million dollars. Of course, this is only to study potential reparations, and who knows how much the actual reparations would cost down the road.

A Partisan Proposal

The bill was passed strictly along party lines in the committee and likely will fall the same way in Congress. It’s important to note that not all black members of Congress supported the bill, either.

Black Representative Burgess Owens (R-UT) declared the potential legislation both “traitorous” and “treacherous.” Owens did propose a better way to fix the issues facing our nation today, saying that “if you want to pay back the African-American community, give us back our history.” Owens emphasized that black Americans are no different than the other citizens in this country, and treating them as such would only further divide our nation.

Democrats Believe This Is “Long Overdue”

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), who introduced this bill, told the committee it was “long overdue” and would provide our nation with a “roadmap for truth.” Most Conservatives are a little lost on how singling out Americans of a single skin color to get paid for poor policies our ancestors abused is supposed to make things better in our nation.

Thankfully, this bill has little chance of making it to President Joe Biden’s desk, so the GOP has time to push back as appropriate against this dangerous, racist rhetoric.

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