Smith & Wesson Reports First Billion-Dollar Year Amid Democrat Push

Smith & Wesson Reports First Billion Dollar Year Amid Democrat Push

( – No one could have predicted what 2020 would bring when the year first started out. But, for gun manufacturers, the tumultuous year actually brought incredible revenue streams despite the Democrats’ constant push to limit guns, ammo, and just about anything else they fear is destroying our nation.

Smith & Wesson Revenue Hit Nearly $1.1 Billion

On Thursday, June 17, Smith & Wesson CEO Mark Smith spoke with his employees about the record-breaking sales the company experienced in the past year. For the 2021 fiscal year, Smith & Wesson had nearly $1.1 billion in revenue, which marked the first time in its 169-year history to surpass $1 billion.

The American manufacturer, headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts, made sure not to hoard its revenue up at the top, either. The president announced prorated bonuses of $1200 to full-time employees and $600 to temporary workers delivered the following week.

All in all, Smith & Wesson sold 2.5 million units in the 2021 fiscal year. That was a 70% increase over the previous year. House Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) shared some witty commentary on the correlation between our current president and the spike in gun sales:

The Second Amendment Is Alive and Well

CEO Mark Smith spoke about the company’s tremendous work this past year, but highlighted how the numbers are only “a tremendous testament to the resolve of our dedicated employees, the power of the Smith & Wesson brand, and the strength of the partnerships we have with our customers.”

While Smith & Wesson experienced an incredible year, many other gun manufacturers did, too. Much of this was in part to the coronavirus pandemic and the various levels of unrest that ruffled our nation over the past year. According to data from Northeastern University and the Harvard Injury Control Research Center, approximately one-fifth of US citizens who purchased firearms last year were first-time gun owners.

In addition to more people owning guns, more states are allowing people to carry guns in public without a permit. On Thursday, July 1, Tennessee, Wyoming, and Iowa’s laws allowing people 21 and older to carry firearms went into effect, and a similar Texas law will go into effect on September 1.

These new freedoms granted by states boosted many gun manufacturers’ stocks, including Smith & Wesson’s spike of over 8% at one point during Thursday’s trading. All this data only reflects how important the Second Amendment is to Americans and reminds us all to cherish such a right.

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