Southwest CEO Offers 2021 Predictions for the Airline Industry

Southwest CEO Offers 2021 Predictions for the Airline Industry

( – The airline industry was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic. But, as hope for recovery is on the horizon, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly knows it’ll take time to get back to where they were at the start of this year.

While Kelly is excited that a vaccine is on its way to Americans, he understands it will be quite some time before everyone has access to it. This leads to a wariness to travel, which may not dissipate until people believe it’s safe to move about again.

In addition, many people question the vaccine’s effectiveness and how many people will actually get it. With this, event planners and businesses have not begun scheduling in-person conferences and meetings, as companies do not want to put their employees in potentially-unsafe situations.

CEO and Founder of Skift shares more:

Kelly said it took the industry five years to bounce back from previous recessions, and this one could take longer. But, as we’ve seen throughout this year, the American spirit to push through hard times is strong. Hopefully, someday soon, the skies will be filled with travel again.

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