Squad Member Falsely Claims America Backed Taliban

Squad Member Falsely Claims America Backed Taliban

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The radical Left’s “squad” loves to make America look bad. While our nation should acknowledge when a past decision delivered poor consequences, our citizens, and especially our elected officials, should not manipulate history’s facts just to make a point. The latest instance of this came from House Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) when talking about the Taliban.

On Sunday, August 15, Congresswoman Tlaib used the current crisis in Afghanistan to hurl insults at the United States’ past. In doing so, she made a false claim when she tweeted the following:

Tlaib is referring to the Carter administration’s 1980 decision to send $30 million to Afghan resistance fighters after the Soviet Union invaded their nation. President Ronald Reagan continued this support, eventually growing it to $630 million in 1987. However, nations like Saudi Arabia, Israel, and China also sent aid during this time.

In the late 80s, this money was funding the Afghan resistance: the Mujahidin. Some people, like congresswoman Tliab, claim that the Taliban came out of the Mujahidin. However, according to Milton Bearden, former CIA station chief in Pakistan, this idea is “deeply flawed and ignores basic historical and cultural facts.” They were two very separate groups, and the Mujahidin culture would not allow the Afghan Arabs who would eventually become the Taliban to fight alongside them.

The Middle East is an extremely complex place, with incredible amounts of ethnic and religious diversity within each country. It’s impossible and dangerous to oversimplify any situation in that region, and hopefully, Congresswoman Tlaib will acknowledge she completely misconstrued our nation’s history in her claims.

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