“Squad” Member Under Fire for Hiding Key Fact About Woman’s Death

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Conservatives know that most “Squad” members enjoy making antisemitic comments and using twisted rhetoric when it comes to pushing their agenda. Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) made the latest ridiculous move when she tweeted information about a dead Palestinian woman that Israel has not returned to its family. But, Tlaib chose to leave out some critical information about just how she died.

On Saturday, August 28, Tlaib shared a photo of Palestinian Mai Afana’s mother, explaining the story of how she’s trying to get her daughter’s body back from the Israeli government. However, Tlaib conveniently left out the fact that Mai Afana, according to reports from the Israel Defense Force (IDF), rammed her car into Israeli soldiers, got out, and charged them with a knife. Understandably, the soldiers “neutralized” her at the scene.

Reports show that Israel sometimes keeps bodies of assailants in order to bargain with Hamas for Israeli captives held in the Gaza Strip. By leaving out these key details, Tlaib is using emotional manipulation to conjure up support for someone without showing the full picture.

A DC Examiner reporter, Jerry Dunleavy, pointed out how misleading Tlaib’s story is:

Tlaib choosing to leave key facts out of her story is clear racial bias against Israel, yet Democratic leaders refuse to censure or correct her. This has many Americans wondering why top Democrats allow so much anti-Semitism in their party and if it’s going to spread.

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