St. Louis Mayor Promises to Defund Police

St. Louis Mayor Promises to Defund Police

( – Last year was an incredibly difficult year for most Americans, but for those living in St. Louis, Missouri, it was one of the deadliest. The city saw the nation’s highest homicide rate per capita in 2020, and this year, it’s even higher. Yet, the newly-elected mayor just announced plans to defund the police.

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones (D) proposed a budget that would reallocate $4 million from the city’s police department to other services like affordable housing, the Civil Rights Enforcement Agency, and victim support services. Jones believes this will address the “root causes of crime,” although many Americans understandably have their doubts, including Journalist Megyn Kelly:

Currently, there are almost 100 vacant positions for police officers in the city, and Jones’ budget plans to cut each and every one of them.

The St. Louis police force is the only source of protection for tens of thousands of city residents. Yet, that same force is losing funding while the city runs rampant with deadly criminals. For the sake of all of St. Louis’ residents, hopefully, this plan falls flat and, instead, the police force is given the right resources it needs to serve and protect.

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