Stacy Abrams to Run for Governor

Stacy Abrams to Run for Governor

( – The state of Georgia has been a hot topic in politics since the 2020 presidential election. The long-time red state turned blue when it went to Joe Biden, but incumbent governor Brian Kemp (R) is still hoping to keep his seat despite a lot of criticism over his handling of the election from former-President Donald Trump and the GOP. Now, however, he will compete with other Republicans in order to face off against former Democratic gubernatorial candidate and current voting rights activist Stacey Abrams.

On Wednesday, December 1, Abrams announced she would run for Georgia governor, hoping to beat out Kemp after she lost to him by 55,000 votes in 2018 — a loss she has never conceded to this day. In January 2021, Georgia voters elected two Democrats to the Senate during a runoff election, potentially foreshadowing a win in the Peach State for Abrams.

However, GOP candidate Vernon Jones is hoping to give her a run for her money:

Abrams became a bit of a liberal celebrity in recent months through her voting rights rallies and progressive policies like healthcare access and “economic equality.” Abrams name recognition combined with a starting-to-lean-left state will likely give her quite the kickoff to her campaign.

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